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Old Riga Free Tour
Most comprehensive walking Free Tour in Riga

Old Riga Free Tour

2 Hours
Availability : Tour runs every day
At 11 00 by the entrance of St. Peters church
Meeting place for Center Riga Free Tour
Most Unique Riga Free Tour

New Riga Free Tour

2 hours
Availability : Tour runs every day
At 14 00 by the Opera House
Enjoy, learn, relax and inspire

Evening Old Riga Free Tour

1.5 Hours
Availability : Tour runs every day
At 18 00 by the entrance of St. Peters church

Welcome to Free Tours Riga

How will you benefit from taking one of our tours?
  • Variety of information about the city in the past and present.
  • Interesting and fun facts that only locals know.
  • Positive mood at the end of the tour
  • You will have extra advice on what else to do in Riga


ATTENTION – There are other companies that run free tours in Riga but we are the best.😀 Our Old Riga Free Tour is the longest running in the city! We are also all locals. So if you attend our tour you support locals not big companies with outside interests. See you soon!

Please don`t book our tours with other booking agents as they charge us if you do. Thanks in advance.


You don`t need to book our tours ( Just Show Up )  but it helps  us to plan if you sign up. Please fill in this booking form to let us know you plan on  joining 😀


Free Tours Riga

At Free Tours Riga we offer 3 daily tours. Our first Old Riga Free Tour took place 7 years ago now and that was the beginning for Free Tours Riga.

Since then city has changed, people have changed and even buildings around us have changed. What remains though is us and our love for the city.

Our aim remains – to make every tour memorable for you. So join us every day to have a great time. Be sure that our tours are informative, educational, fun and entertaining.

Why choose our tours?

We put our heart in what we do. Our tours have been attended and appreciated by people from all over the world.

The city is constantly developing and so are we as tour guides. So at the end of the tour you will know about past and also present Riga through various topics!

At the end of the tour we are always willing to help with any extra questions.

Also we will provide everyone with our own paper map. It is filled with useful advice.

What museums to attend, where to have great food, what other activities to be done in Riga etc

Which of our two tours to choose?

Simple answer is both:)

Both tours are different – For one, you will not see or hear anything twice. Detailed description is written when you click on them separately. So choose based on your interests and time.

There are 3 tour guides in Free Tours Riga. You can read about us more in the Section About us.

We really hope to see you soon!

P.S If you are looking for other tours and activities please visit our page at www.toursinriga.com

Sign of recognition of your tour guide

Do you need to book our free tours?

No. But if you plan to attend the tour it would be great if you fill in booking form so we know how many people to expect, this helps planning the route etc., also if you come with a group larger than 8 people it would be preferable if you contact us in advance.

How long is the tour and where does it end?

Old Riga Free Tour last 2 hours and ends 5 min walk from St Peters church where we start.

New Riga Free Tour normally lasts  2 hours  however that depends on the size of the group. Tour finishes in the Center of the city never more than 15 min walk from Opera House which is the meeting place.

Who are we?

We are 3 local people who run this tour and we are proud Not to be part of any Global Free Tour corporation. So if you attend our tour you support actual locals.

Are our free tours really free?

Yes. However peoples tips are appreciated at the end of the tour. Thanks to them we pay for advertising and make it available for people to attend. We do not get paid by the city or anyone else to run this tour.

How to recognize your tour guide?

As a sign of recognition we have a blue suitcase with us.

If you have any questions leave us your info

and we will get back to you.