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About Us

Idea Behind The Tour

To create a great walking tour on which you can meet visitors from all over the world who all have the same aim – spend few hours exploring Riga  and get to know the city from different angles through a local tour guide.

Our Aim

For every visitor of our tours to have something special to remember Riga with. 

Old Riga Free Tour

Meet The Team

Tour Guide Toms


Tour Guide

I am born half decade before Soviet Union collapse. Most of my life i
have lived in Riga.

I love Riga. I enjoy meeting people and I am passionate about my job
being a tour guide. I feel really privileged for given opportunity to meet
so many people from all around the world and pass over my feelings, love and
passion about my beloved city! 

I have guided tours in Riga and Latvia now for 8 years. Except
being tour guide for Old Riga Free Tour I am also keen and experienced guide
for bicycle and Segway tours. So it is very probable that you can see me:
walking, cycling or riding  Segway.

Tour Guide Kristīne


Tour Guide

My mother is a blond, blue-eyed Latvian, who fell in love with my father, a German with Black-Sea German ancestors and the result was me! I was born in Jūrmala during Soviet times, but grew up in Germany. 1993 my family decided to move to Latvia and here I am!

You may already guess, that I have a quite intriguing family history and so is the history of Riga – a bit like me: half Latvian, half German.

Riga is my home for 23 years now and I fell in love with the city right from the start and so, I believe, do our guests.

The last 3 years I have the best job in the world – being a tour guide, as I spend my working day in fresh air, I achieve everyday the minimum of 10 000 steps and I meet nice and friendly people from around the world.

My life’s motto is: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” (Abraham Lincoln agrees me on that).

So I give my best telling about Riga and how it is to be a Latvian slash German in this multi cultural city. Also sometimes on a bike or Segway!

Tour Guide Erlens


Tour Guide

My name is Erlens – a licensed and accredited tour guide from Latvia.
For six years now I have specialized in designing and managing tours, both around my own homeland and throughout other countries in the Baltics. I graduated in Tourism Management and by combining my professional training with my own passion for this part of the world, I’m able to offer my guests tours that are both reliable and filled with genuine excitement.
I do what I love and I love what I do!