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Famous Latvians

Free Tours Riga Blog article about Krisjanis Valdemars
Our todays hero achieved so much in his life that his birth place was renamed after himself. I doubt it would happen if he cared only about his personal gain in this journey we call life. He put interests of society as such before his own. His name was Krišjānis Valdemārs. Born on 2nd December...
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Free Tours Riga blog article about Janis Daliņš
If you ask a person from Latvia which is our most sports related city – most common answer will be the city of Valmiera. Why? Many reasons but arguably main started on the 5th of November in 1904 when Jānis Daliņš was born. Later he will become the first Latvian to win Olympic medal in...
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Riga Free Tours blog article about roosters on Riga churches
Latvia does not really have high mountains or steep hills. Our highest peek is 311 meters above the sea level – a hill called Gaiziņš. However we are great mountain climbers. Today we would like to mention Teodors Ķirsis. He is the Latvian mountaineering legend. He has climbed highest peeks of all continents, including Mount...
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