Erenpreis bicycles – family legacy

This is a story that began in 1922 when Gustavs Ērenpreiss started a bike building and a repair shop. In five years time was opened a new brand and historic factory “Erenpreiss”

From building bikes for participants in Olympic games to casual every day bicycles.

Today their name came up because of the visit of President of France few days ago. Emmanuel Macron and his lovely wife Brigitte Macron in Riga. President of Latvia as a gift gave them 2 “Erenpreiss” bikes.

This present is with a thought. It is a course of EU to a greener environment today and Emanuel Macron himself cares about climate and “Erenpreiss” bikes are made in Latvia!

Enjoy your ride!

Here is a web page of “Erenpreiss” where you can read about their history and development today.