Here you will find most common Questions and Answers we receive about our Free Tours in Riga


Do you need to book our free tours?

No. But if you plan to attend the tour with a group larger than 8 people it would be preferable if you contact us in advance.


How long is the tour and where does it end?

Old Riga Free Tour last 2 hours and ends 5 min walk from St Peters church where we start.

Center Riga Free Tour normally lasts  2.5 hours  however that depends on the size of the group. Tour finishes in the Center of the city never more than 15 min walk from Opera House which is the meeting place.


Who are we?

We are 3 local people who run this tour and we are proud Not to be part of any Global Free Tour corporation. So if you attend our tour you support actual locals.


Are our free tours really free?

Yes. However peoples tips are appreciated at the end of the tour. Thanks to them we pay for advertising and make it available for people to attend. We do not get paid by the city or anyone else to run this tour.


How to recognize your tour guide?

Look for a guide with a blue alarm clock