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Evening Old Riga Free Tour will resume from the 9th of December! Sign up form below!

Evening Old Riga Free Tour


Departure & Return Location

Entrance of St Peters church

Evening Old Riga Free Tour is a great opportunity to find out interesting information about the city as we walk the lit streets and squares (depends on the time of the year:))  in a relaxed atmosphere – we will discuss a bit of history, architecture, culture, politics, religion, life today, and other topics. We treasure your time and trust in our tour so we make it both – informative and entertaining.

During 1.5 hours our guide will take you around many sightseeing places and share stories about them!

We will see places like House of the Blackheads, Town Hall square, Swedish gate, Powder Tower, House of the Parliament, Dome Cathedral, Freedom monument, Three Brothers, and other sites.

The city of contrasts! Old Riga is the part of the city where many centuries meet up in one place. Walkthrough 800 years of Riga together with us.

Our Tour is designed to be the most comprehensive, informative, and useful tour in Riga
with one of the best professional tour guides in town.

During this tour, we will also make a stop to taste a historical drink – Riga Black Balsam.

You certainly won’t regret choosing our free tour.

Tour Includes

  • Local Tour Guide
  • Complementary paper map at the end of the tour - with extra advice on what to do in Riga.
  • Being well informed about our city at the end.
  • Tasting of Riga Black balsam
What to Expect

A nice relaxed walking tour through Old Riga with a passionate tour guide that will make your journey memorable. We also know the importance of fun in anything we do so expect to have a tour guide that will create a picture of Riga in an entertaining way. All of us are certified tour guides, which means two things – one, we are all allowed by the law to do walking tours in Riga and what is more important you will not be mislead by the information you will receive.

  • History, architecture, local culture, politics, religion and traditions, past and present topics
  • Chance to ask questions and get answers from a local born guide
  • Tour guide that love their job
  • Educational and also fun tour
  • Duration about 1.5 hours
Meeting place

Do you need to book this tour?

No. But if you plan to attend the tour it would be preferable if you sign up! Also if your group is larger than 8 people please contact us in advance. [email protected]

How long is the tour and where does it end?

Tour normally is 1.5 hours, sometimes a bit more depending on the size of the group. Tour finishes in Old Riga never more than 5 min walk from St Peters church.

Who are we?

We are 3 local people who run this tour and we are proud Not to be part of any Global Free Tour corporation. So if you attend our tour you support actual locals.

How to recognize your tour guide?

As a sign of recognition, we have a t-shirt and/or a hat with a blue alarm clock logo!

Is Evening Old Riga Free Tour really Free?

Yes. However peoples tips are appreciated at the end of the tour. Thanks to them we pay for advertising and make it available for people to attend. We do not get paid by the city or anyone else to run this tour.

Do you have to pay for Riga Black balsam tasting?

No. It is complementary. 

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