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For a full Riga experience remember we have 2. completely different tours.

  1. Old Riga Free tour – daily at 11:00 – info and sign up
  2. Hidden gems of Riga free tour – daily at 14 00 – info and sign up

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  2. Tripadvisor


Useful info about Riga and events in Riga

  1. Riga city council website in English – website
  2. Live Riga – website


Places to see Riga from above

  1. St. Peters church – google maps
  2. Science Academy – google maps
  3. Skyline bar – google maps


Getting around Riga and Latvia

  1. Riga Central bus station – google maps
  2. Riga Central train station – google maps
  3. Bus nr. 22 to the airport – schedule


Museums in Riga

  1. Museum of History and Navigation – google mapswebsite
  2. Decorative arts and design museum – google mapswebsite
  3. Žanis Lipke museum – google mapswebsite
  4. Ethnographic museum – google mapswebsite
  5. Occupation museum – google mapswebsite
  6. Museum of History of Latvia – google mapswebsite
  7. National art museum – google mapswebsite
  8. Art Nouveau museum – google mapswebsite
  9. KGB museum – google mapswebsite 
  10. Motor museum – google mapswebsite


What is on another side of the river Daugava?

  1. A-B dam – beautiful view of Old Riga – google maps
  2. Ķīpsala island – famous for its wooden architecture, on this island also museum of Zanis Lipke(savior of Jews during WWII) – google maps
  3. National Library of Latvia – google mapswebsite
  4. Kalnciema street Quarter – especially known for its weekly market – google mapswebsite


Where to eat in Riga?


  1. Lido – most popular by locals for simple lunch – there are several of them in Riga – here is one close to Old Riga and also Lido web site for full info – google mapswebsite
  2. Spināti un Sviests – A very popular spot for simple, thus good lunch. Works Mon – Fri, from 11-15 00 google maps

Evening dining: 

  1. Pētergailis – google mapswebsite
  2. Melnais Ķiploks – google mapswebsite


Music, food, atmosphere

  1. Ala Folk Club – great food, live music and superb atmosphere – google mapswebsite
  2. Kaņepes kultūras centrs – 15 min walk from Old Riga, regular cultural events  – google maps 
  3. Tallinas ielas kvartāls – 16 buildings – An attractive place for art and entertainment – google maps
  4. Andrejostas kvartāls – google maps  – info


Useful info about Riga and events in Riga

  1. Riga city council website in English – website
  2. Live Riga – website


Must visit

  1. Riga Central Market – websitegoogle maps


Good ideas for other things to do in Riga

  1. Renting a bicycle (this is the best bike rent in Riga from all angles) – google mapswebsite
  2. Kayak tour in Riga – website


Popular destinations not far from Riga

  1. Jurmala – beach resort city – very convenient is to get on the train from Riga Central train station, get off in a stop called Majori, it takes 25 min to get there – website
  2. Sigulda – Gauja river National park – train or bus – 50 km from Riga – website
  3. Cēsis – one of the prettiest cities in Latvia – 81 km – bus station – your own car – website
  4. Bauska – Bauska castle is the main attraction in this city – website
  5. Kuldīga – the old town is a pearl of west Latvia – website